• High-level sterilization of implements / tools / tweezers using cold sterilization method as approved by local Health Inspectors
  •  Single-use, disposable probe for each client, properly disposed of after use into a Sharps container.
  • Disposable probe holder tips or sterilized caps. 
  • Gloves are worn and changed for each client.
  • Disinfecting all frequently-touched surfaces (treatment bed, needle holder, epilator machine, visual aids, door handles, debit / credit card machines).
  • Linens are changed for each client. They are laundered on high-heat cycles and washed with bleach.
  • Treatment rooms & common areas frequently disinfected with professional products. 
  • Frequent Hand washing and use of hand sanitizer. 


Face masks can be removed for treatment only.


  • All Electrologists will be wearing a mask at all times.
  • Only one client allowed in reception area at a time. Clients arriving early will need to wait in the hallway, or outside or in their vehicle.
  • Each client will be required to complete a COVID 19 pre-screening survey for each appointment for the foreseeable future. This is sent 4 hours before an appointment.
  • Clients should wear a face covering when entering the clinic. A face mask will be provided for any client not presenting at the clinic with one.
  • Only clients with appointments are allowed into the clinic for the time being.
  • Clients will disinfect their hands with hand sanitizer upon entry to the clinic area
  • Only e-transfers, debit and credit will be accepted. 
  • No food or drink in the clinic
  • Reception area now disinfected, including chairs, desk and door knobs every hour. 
  • All shoes/boots must be removed at the door.